As a recognized and reliable full service company, Windsor Industrial Services continues to offer best-in-class services, including the recent inclusions: powder coating and laser cutting. 

Product Line

  • Robotic Welding
  • Roller Bed Conveyor Tables
  • Robot Bases
  • Roller Bed Conveyor Lift Tables
  • Machine Bases
  • Cross Transfer Conveyors
  • Overhead Conveyor Trolleys
  • Power and Free Conveyors
  • Casting Line Equipment
  • A M S Systems
  • Stackers / De-Stackers
  • Weldments
  • Load Bars and Carrier

Recent Projects

This work consisted of the mechanical manufacturing and assembly, installing drives and electrical components.

General Motors

Wilmington, Delaware; Ramos, Mexico; Oklahoma; Lansing, Michigan; Shreveport, Louisiana; Arlington, Texas.

Ford Motor Company

Oakville, Michigan Truck

Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Windsor Assembly Mini Van Plant, Toledo, Ohio Cherokee Plant, St. Louis Missouri Mini Van Plant.


Mercury Marine

    Latest News

    New Services

    Windsor Industrial Services is proud to announce that we have recently added a new laser cutting machine to our in-house equipment, and powder paint capabilities to our divisional services.