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Windsor Industrial Services has been providing domestic and international customers with first-rate contract-manufacturing services since 1989.

As a recognized ISO-Certified facility, we routinely manufacture conveyor and material handling equipment which include custom and production applications for various markets.

Our manufacturing facility has more than 70,000 square feet which is home to our laser cutting operations, saw cutting, bending, welding, fitting and fabrication, machining, painting, and assembly operations. In addition, our facility is air-conditioned and under an umbrella of overhead cranes for the convenience and comfort of the best manufacturing employees available who are skilled and capable of producing large and complex metal fabrications held to tight tolerances and exacting specifications in large or small quantities.

We are a full-service organization that takes pride in offering our customers complete processing capabilities within one corporation.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified registered company with a dedicated skilled staff that continuously provides excellent service. Windsor Industrial Services invites you to visit its facilities.

Meet Windsor Industrial Services, Inc.

The People and the Their Work

We build and assemble parts and equipment based on customer designs


  • Roller equipment.
  • End of arm tooling, custom fabricated.
  • Production component manufacturing.
  • Material.
  • Platforms for industrial facilities.

What We Offer

Our production facilities consist of a new, state-of-the-art 71,000 square foot building in the Windsor, Ontario metropolitan area. Throughput in our shop takes jobs from prints to production through the process of laser and saw cutting, machining, bending, forming, welding, painting and final assembly. A representative listing of out fabrication equipment appears below.

  • Saw Cutting: (3) Hyd-Mech H-12 and (1) S-20 for mitre cutting
  • Laser Cutting: (1) Bystronic ByStar Fiber 3015 Fiber 10000 (10K)
  • Bending: Ermak Power Bend Falcon Press Brakes (2) 110 ton (1) 200 ton (1) 350 ton
  • Machining: (3) Hurco VMC’s VMX 42 (1) Kuraki VMC K24902 (1) FTP Boring Mill (1) Mazak Quick Turn 250 CNC 3-Axial Lathe
  • Fabrication: (12) Miller DELTAWELD 500 MIG welders in a variety of work cells with layout tables (3) Hydraulic Shop presses
  • Rolling: (1) PullMax Structural Rolling machine
  • Stress Relief: Bonal Technologies Meta-Lax 2700-CC
  • Paint: Custom designed wet-spray booth 12’ wide 10’ tall 29’ long with dedicated heated fresh air supply and exhaust
  • Assembly: 15,000 sq/ft of assembly space spread over 3 bays with 6 overhead cranes – all tools and equipment to support both production and custom assembly jobs
  • Electrical: After mechanical assembly is complete, WIS can offer additional installation of electrical hardware, wiring, and labels so that equipment is fully dressed out and ready to run when its loaded on a truck.
  • Testing: We do a run-off of the vast majority of our material handling equipment to ensure that all aspects of the build are functioning properly to our standards and that of our customers.
  • Quality: We are ISO 9001 certified with a robust quality program. Workstations with measurement equipment along with skilled technicians are spread throughout our manufacturing process to allow for frequent physical inspections.


As a Tier 1 supplier, we ship approximately 200,000 component parts annually averaging about 4,000 productions parts each week.


We have become the supplier of choice for an aerospace industry leader seeking overhead P&F carriers, inverted scissor lifts, and tooling assemblies designed to produce the next generation of turbofan jet engines destined for Airbus and have worked closely with a Chrysler supplier to produce heavy load skillet turn tables with attached friction drives.


With facilities in Ontario and Belleville, MI we are a full-service organization that takes pride in offering our customers complete processing capabilities within one corporate family.

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New Services

Windsor Industrial Services is proud to announce that we have recently added a new laser cutting machine to our in-house equipment, and powder paint capabilities to our divisional services.