Together with a partner, we won the Vehicle Systems Skid Bundle Blanket contract with General Motors through which GM sourced most, if not all, of its power roll beds, shuttles, turntables, lift tables, VDLs, and skids, among other assembly line equipment for both assembly and paint lines. In total, over a three-year period we manufactured and shipped more than 5,000 pieces of equipment into GM plants in Flint, MI, Ft. Wayne, IN, Bowling Green, KY, Arlington, TX, as well as the Ramos and Silao plants in Mexico, among others.

There is every indication that we will continue in this capacity as we have become talented not only in the production of the equipment, but also as a partner in planning and managing large scale projects that can span many. We also enjoy a Tier-1 supplier relationship with a multi-national, multi-billion-dollar material handling concern which is an industry-leading lift-truck manufacturer to whom we provide more than 80 component parts for several of their products in quantities of up to 12,000 annually. We also recently worked with an automotive technology company that opened its first production facility in the Midwest.

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    Windsor Industrial Services is proud to announce that we have recently added a new laser cutting machine to our in-house equipment, and powder paint capabilities to our divisional services.